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World War Kiddia

World War Kiddia

Far far away in land were no man or women has gone before in a plant named Kiddia. A war broke between when Alyxandria was spying on Wilstandia. Benjemanastan called a meeting when Justacar was allied with Benjemanastan and Alyxandria. The meeting was about why Wilstandia was insulting them.
After the meeting, they started spying more and after that, they attacked with there guns and missile launchers while Wilstandia was gloating with them. They coward off to get shielded from the attack. When they finished there attack, they practiced there battle tactics. While there where practicing, Jerichonia asked for an alliance as Wilstandia followed Jerichonia and Wilstandia was also was asking for an alliance. Jerichonia was excepted and they teamed up to test there battle tactics by throwing a ball and shoot it in mid-air.
Wilstandia asked for an alliance again and they attacked and as Wilstandia was going back to his country, he decided to attack with grandads at Jerichonia. Jerichonia attacked back. The alliance broke up, except for Justacar and Alyxandria. They decided to go to Alyxandria and built cities. While they wee going to start, Wilstandia asked to not ever be allied with Jerichonia. He said no and Wilstandia helped build a city. After that, Justacar got a message from the planet Daddypoo, the conquer of the universe.

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