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What to do if a Minecraft Creeper Attacks

What to do if a Minecraft Creeper Attacks

Creepers are all over Minecraft and they will blow up for no reason. So here is a manual to help survive a creeper.

If you see a creeper but you are afraid of it, make sure you have a bow. Bows make good weapons to get creepers killed! How you make a bow is by getting 3 string and sticks. Make sure you have crafting table. You place the string in a strait line vertically and the sticks in a backwards C. That should do the trick.

Another one is making a sword. You will need 2 of every resources to make a sword the first method is a wooden sword. You only need a stick and a wood to make wooden sword.

TNT is another thing if a creeper is very close. Put down a block of TNT and light it. It may kill you if you’re not careful enough. How to make TNT is you need gunpowder from a creeper. You need at least 5 and 4 sand. Place the gunpowder in an X shape and t he sand in an O shape. How you light the TNT is with flint and steel.

How you make flint and steel is you need flint from gravel and steel known as iron from iron ore. Place the iron the left top corner and the flint in the center.

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