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Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. III To Temple “Grell”



Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. III
To Temple “Grell”

You make it to the Temple Steppes and a portal opens up. You go to the Enclave to buy some heath potions and they were about $100 per potion and you had $1,000. You bought 10 potions and went back though the portal. You ended up back at the Temple Steppes. As you adventured on, a champion ratling attacked you. You dodge his fierce attacks and hit him and get a crazy wand called World Spike.

After you killed the champion ratlin, you leveled up to level 6. More ratlins kept attacking you after you finished leveling up. A Warmaker appeared and attacked with his deadly club and you dodged the attacks. His second attacked hit you and you healed yourself with a health potion witch you back at full health in a few seconds. You found another warmaker appeared and you were doing critical that killed him in 3 hits.

Monster after monster, you went from level 6 to 7 then 7 to 8 then eight to 9. You had gotten some cool items and you went to a fishing bout and lit the lantern. A ghost appeared with a quest. He wanted you to defeat One-Eyed Willy. You except his quest and go to Plunder Cove. There you were getting attacked by monsters and champions were then you got One-Eyed Willy’s Other Eye. You put it in your weapon and get gained it’s power. You ten found the boss, One-Eyed Willy. You killed him and got some awesome treasure. You went back to the ghost and got you reward. You then start to march to Temple “Grell” and got there and went down the steps into the temple.

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