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Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. 1 Appearance at the Enclave


Note: I do not own any of this. I am just recounting the events of the game Torchlight II.

You have been traveling with some guards to reach the enclave and ketch-up and destroy the Alchemist! What he wants to do is get the power of all the guardians. The Guardian of Water, Forest, Air and Mana. The Guardian of Mana is the most powerful guardian and wants to get all of there power to destroy all the ember in the world.

You decide to carry on without the crew and reach the Enclave and he also warned you that there were lots of rattlings in the aria to the Enclave. You say good-bye and head out to see the Grand Regent. There were lots of rattling like said and also some urns to that had treasure and you come across a champion monster holding a golden key. He was pretty tough for a monster to you but there were more dangerous ones.

You find a locked golden chest You decide to unlock it and find armor and put it on. Along with that was some gold the gleamed like a star and found weapons. You continued on and found a bridge that had bear like monsters in it you decide to attack and gained a level and got new powers. You then continued on and found the Enclave and returned in a quest from the Destroyer and got a new quest to rescue Commander Vale to see the Guardian of Water.

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