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The Legend of the Creeper

The Legend

Chapter 1
Once lived a world in peace with no monsters in planet Minecraft. There were no such thing as skeletons, zombies, big spiders, small spiders, ender men, and creepers. But one day,someone heard a big boom in the city of Minecraft. He ran quick and saw a crater. A creeper has been here ,said the man. He went to the forest and saw a cave. He went in it and saw a dungeon. It had a creeper spanner. The man went back to the city of Minecraft and said, Monsters are coming to the city. He warned them all that creepers were coming. So they packed up there things and ran to the rocket to a different aria of the planet. They started to get out all the cobble stone, wood, and all the things they needed to build a city. They suddenly found an ocean and started to build a secret base. So they built an under water city. They started to build more of the city. They made mines so they can so get cobble stone to build more of the city. They started to grow trees to make water stop flowing. Suddenly someone found an abandon house in the middle of the ocean. They started to build more of the city. Suddenly the whole ocean had lots of buildings, mines, and people. Then a creeper came in and a whole bunch of creepers blew up the whole city into pieces. It was now abandon for years. There was only one person left in that world alone. Monsters out populated the planet by killing a whole bunch of people. The creepers built caves by blowing them selves up. Finally the creepers went to the nether to out populate it to. They found a nether fortress, gast’s, pigmen, and blaze. They started to make the nether look like planet Minecraft. Suddenly they built a rocket to go to an other world with humans. Suddenly they destroyed all the cities and killed all the humans. They found an obsidian portal and went to the nether. It was with lots of monsters. The creepers went back to planet Minecraft and got TNT! They made a lot of caves and killed the monsters that live in the nether. They made it look like planet Minecraft with lots of things. They went to an other planet and found an obsidian portal but instead they destroyed the cities then went to the nether. A creeper said ,Someone broke the obsidian portal to the nether. They made an other obsidian portal that got them to the nether then they found a nether fortress and cheered.