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The Dropper 2: Pt. 1 Video by: The Yogscast

The Dropper 2: Pt. 1
Video by: The Yogscast

“Hello there and welcome to the yogscast and today we are doing The Dropper 2,” said Lewis. Simon was just riding around in a boat when Lewis pushed a button and teleported them to a laboratory or something. Level one was like you were going through colors but if you didn’t go through a 2×2 block hole, you would have gotten 1 fail. If you got through the level, at the bottom would be a blue and a black button. If you pushed the blue, you would get regeneration and jump boost. If you push the black button, you wound go to the laboratory. Also, each level has 1 hidden diamond in a chest, next to it is an enderchest. Put the diamond in the enderchest and it will be your diamond. Don’t use it because it is for a bonus level at the end.
Back to what I was saying and the found the the diamond and went to the next level. It looked like they were on the top of a tower from the lord of the rings. At the bottom was water to land after falling. Lewis went down and died a couple of times. So did Simon. Then they went to the next level witch was called “Tree” because of a huge tree was were you were falling from. Then Lewis found a pumpkin and followed them to a pic-nick table. There was a diamond at the end of the trail and Lewis had lots of diamond and lots of fails. The next one was going on a baby. You had to go directly on the and witch had water and this time, Simon found a diamond.

The link to this video and to say, this was a challenge to see if I remembered this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lx4XyxDwa8

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