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CHAPTER 2.This book is about 3 people looking for the door to time. Jason was sitting on the steps and heard footsteps in the attic. Jason looked in a book and got information and the book said it was a ghost. Some of what the book said was That ghosts can go throw doors. The footsteps are silent from a ghost So he closed the book and headed towards the car and went to go to a building.

CHAPTER 3.This story is about Rick Banner road his bike from England to France. His muscles kept saying ”Quit”. So he never quit his muscles. So his dad got in the car and slammed the door and road his car to some kind of country. So Rick had to stay home ’til his dad came back from the different country. So he from ware he came from and weren’t inside for now.

CHAPTER 4. Rick came to a house that had a library, a statue, chairs. Then the other two came in the house. It was Jason and Julia. They saw the statue of the lady throwing a net in the water. Rick scrammed out the door and mapped the house with a pencil and a paper leaving Jason and Julia leafed behind.

CHAPTER 5. Rick Jason and Julia are still in the room with stone (The oldest room in the house) Rick got finished with the map. So they went looking in the house and they had now clue what to do now. In 20 yrs Rick retired. So Rick had to go out of the house and told the others if they wanted to go swimming at the beach.

CHAPTER 6. Rick Jason and Julia are going swimming and they run into this old man that was talking to them. After that they climbed down the cliff and went swimming and rick found a peace of wood that is stuck to a rock. So Rick and Jason found a clump wood and rock stuck together. So they got Julia out of the water and went home.