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The Adventures of the creeper

The Adventures of the creeper

Once upon a time there was a creeper. He traveled all the way to a rainbow on Earth. At night is when he would adventure. This is one of creeper’s adventures. He was traveling in a storm and was on a quest to find a rainbow bridge. He would always ask and question himself why. One day he found a lock in the air and found a key right under it. Who ever unlocked it would get crushed by a big block.
Then he found a book. He read it that it would be the key to get to the rainbow bridge. Then he met a sheep. It was the guardian to the rainbow bridge. He question himself why was a sheep the guardian? He found an arrow leading the way. Then he received a phone call. It was drama. He easily got to the rainbow bridge on Earth. He found mysterious hand prints.
He question himself why was there hand print. One of the hand prints looked like a fire. The phone rang again and it was drama again. Night filled outer space. He crossed the rainbow bridge and got a building that is called home.

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