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The Adventures of The Creeper Tatooine

The Adventures of The Creeper


All though the empire has been defeated, a new planet called Minecraft is born and a creeper sets out to find planet Tatooine and sets out in the rest of the galaxy! The war still goes on creep sets to a planet Creepermania!

Lets get the jump to light speed! POW! AAAAHHHH!! BOOM! That was a close call for us to die! Afzfzfg swghfhfhexzfvzs gsghfz gfzsnhe! JAWAS! POW! Why is he afraid of jawas?
Creep then went to them to speak. Who are you? Adfsfdgfcdg. Can you say it in English? Beep, Bantha poodo! Beep. Uglier than a tuskan raider! Beep, AAAAAHHHHH! Jawas act weird.
To a village and the population said 200! 200 JAWAS! BEEP! WHO ARE YOU?! Creep!
BOW DOWN! Melo, the jedi jawa. Here. You can speak English! Yes I can speak English! Take this weapon. What is it? A light savor. Bizzzzz! Kill the sand people and you get to learn the ways of the force. I don’t have arms.
Well you will get some from the sand people if you defeat them. So he got in his ship and flew off.

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