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My pet creeper

My pet creeper

Once lived a planet called Earth. There were creepers, skeletons, spiders, jockeys, etc. But creepers roamed the block world, they felt unstoppable. But then the humans came 1,000,000 yrs after the the creepers came to abominate the world. The humans started to move in.

People chose the creepers that could stay alive and be kept as pets. I named my pet creeper creep. He liked to sneak up right behind you and go hisssssss…..BOOM! He liked to play with me , I watched bleach with him, and he played Minecraft with me. This creeper is only about 4 months old.

Creepers are only found in caves, forests, on grasslands, etc. My creeper has never seen the outside world. He is always green, he never had any arms, and he has 4 feet. If you are a creeper lover, try to even pay me money, it wont work. My creeper is lovable to me.

Now I am going to tell you why I like creepers. They are green and green is my favorite color. They camouflage in the leaves and darkness and I like trying to camouflage into the clothing. I like sneaking up right behind my sister and scaring her. And I like how they go hiss and boom. I have always loved creepers.