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Mercury is the 2nd smallest planet in our Solar System , and is 1st to our sun. Mercury was named after a roman messenger called Mercury , and delivered messages to the roman gods. Mercury can be explored many ways. In the mid 17th century the 1st telescope was built so scientists can see more detail in space. It was to difficult to studying Mercury’s surface with a telescope so they sent a space probe to look at Mercury. The space probe was called Mariner 10, and took 5 months to get there. The planet moves in two different ways. 1st the planet moves in its own axis like merry go round, and 2nd it circles the sun. Mercury is one of the four inner planets in our solar system. There are four layers on Mercury. One of them is the crust ,the middle layer known as the mantle, and the core. Scientists think that mercury formed 4 in a half billion years after the big bang. No space probe has never been to Mercury sense the Mariner 10 mission. The N.A.S.A.(the National Aeronautics Space Administration) are working for a newer mission to Mercury. They wanted it to enter Mercury’s Atmosphere.
The space probe was called the Messenger.