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Made-Up Minecraft Legends

Made-Up Minecraft Legends
Legend one
TNT falling from the sky
It was a bad stormy day were there was nothing to do exempt lay at a warm fire. People got very hungry and wanted food. After the storm ended, they were so hungry everyone bought all the food there was. The next storm came and it was unusual. It was raining TNT everywhere!
The hole town ended up getting destroyed and cost over $25,000,000 to rebuild. It made Minecraft history everywhere.
Legend two
The walking dead in Minecraft capitol
Everyone was in peace everywhere and there was no monsters for over 1millenium.!the next night, someone heard a loud moan outside he told everyone in the capitol to lock everything in there house.
He told the police to even go out and investigate the capitol. One police officer found over 1,000,000 zombies trying to break down the door. All the soldiers went out on a big fight. One soldier was left from the battle. Everyone was scared that more zombies were coming.

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    June 2, 2012 | 6:47 am

    25 MILLION!?

    Oh man, time for a bake sale!

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