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How to escape a creeper

How to escape a creeper

What do you do if a creeper sneaks right behind you? How do you kill a creeper? How can you trap creepers? This post will answer all your questions. Be sure to get a pencil and paper.
What you do if a creeper sneaks up right behind you is that if you see it, run to your house! A creeper might come upright behind you and blow you up. Creepers in Minecraft are very explosive. So make sure you have a diamond sword with you.
How you can trap a creeper is you need is 3 trap doors, a piston, a pressure plate, a lever, and a block of some sort. If a creeper is coming near you, go to the trap and make sure the creeper is on the pressure plate and push the lever and the piston will slide the creeper in.
How can you kill a creeper is that you need an enchanted sword. The creeper will probably see you and will try to blow up. If a creeper comes, get the enchanted sword out and kill the creeper. How you enchant a sword is you need a enchanted table and a a diamond sword.