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How The Titanic Sank

Have you wondered how the R.M.S. Titanic sank? Well I think how it sank because first there were people on the lookout for icebergs until it spot one that was almost as big as the Titanic. Then it hit it and it had 16 compartments that held it up in the water. It could only hold up 4 compartments max if water flooded in them. When the iceberg hit, it scraped 5 compartments! There were about 8 levels in it. The 1st level was the richest people had billions of dollars.
  The last level had the poorest people. It took about 3 hours for the Titanic to sink. Lets get back to were I was. After the Titanic hit, hundreds of people were in a panic because the ship was sinking. After 3 hours, the ship broke into 2 and the bow of the ship went down first. It went down 4 kilometers! 70 years later, people finally found the Titanic in 2 pieces. The Grand Staircase had disappeared.


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