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How Rainbows are Created

How Rainbows are Created

How a rainbow is created is there is a rain drop and then it then it is refracted with sunlight. It then refracts on the back of the drop and it is then reflects on the drop and then it’s light bends at an angle of 40–42°. The angle revises on the size of the drop’ but is depended on the refractive index.
The amount of light there is light depends on the wavelength. This makes the colors brighter and more visible to see. This is called dispersion. Blue has shorter wavelength witch is refracted with a greater angle than red. But due to the from the very back of the droplet, the blue emerges from the droplet at a smaller angle than red.
The back of the droplet can’t undergo total internal reflection. Some of the light can emerge from the back that doesn’t create a rainbow. As other rainbows that we can see, some colors blend than rather making a rainbow.

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