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Hollowfied Ichigo

Hollowfied Ichigo

Have you ever watched Bleach? Well, I have watched Bleach. Me and my sister think it is AWESOME! Will I have to talk about hollowfied Ichigo.
He has a hollow mask that covers all of his face. He got the other half of the mask from these people that were once soul reapers. A soul reaper is a person who harvests souls. But, hollowfied Ichigo is the only person to make a hollow mask to himself. Before he got his hollow mask, he would loose control himself with his half hollow mask.
When he became a soul Reaper, he was about to turn into a hollow. But, luckily he was able to get his half hollow mask and he got to be a soul reaper. Hollowfied Ichigo is black and white. He is like the devils Ichigo. If you go against hollowfied Ichigo, he might likely beat you.