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Grumpy the Cat vs The Enderdragon pt.1

Grumpy the Cat
The Enderdragon pt.1

Grumpy made it out of the portal in one piece while an enderdragon came to gave grumpy a quest. The quest was to get to the end portal in week. They say in order to get ther, you need eyes of ender to get to an underground stronghold and you had to make the eyes witch was to use blaze powder and ender pearls. They had plenty of blaze rods some crushed up some blaze rods. They never were able to catch endermen with a bow and arrow because of it’s teleportation so they came up with a plan to catch the endermen and kill them.
How Grumpy would catch the endermen is make a water prison and trap the endermen from teleporting out. So they would put in a pirson with a sword and kill the endermen.. 30 hours later, the come back with 50 ender pearls. They had more blaze powder than ender pearls so Grumpy crafted some eyes of ender and left it high in the air and it went south. Grumpy then led and army of soldiers to the stronghold.
When Grumpy got there, the found this huge entrance of crumbled stone and went inside. The stronghold looked very ancient and had prisons with skeletons in them.
“This stronghold was once a mighty kingdom until the enderdragon came through and built this realm of darkness where endermen and the enderdragon lived only,” said Grumpy.
The place was like a maze but they found treasure beyond your imagination. They had about 20 eyes left so Grumpy lifted one up and it was going towards the portal. It had been 6 days since Grumpy left.
“Silverfi…gah! said one of the soldeirs out uncontentious.
“What whould silverfi mean?” said one of the soldier 1.
“I don’t know,”said soldier number 2.
“I think it means SILVERFISH!” said soldier number 1,2, and 3.
“That means were getting close to the portal,” said grumpy.
“What does that mean Grumpy?” said soldier number 3
“We are in the room!” said grumpy.
The saw a pool of lava and some eye sockets. Grumpy placed them down and a portal appeared.

End of pt. 1

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