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Grumpy the Cat vs. The Enderdragon Part 2


Grumpy the Cat


The Enderdragon

Part 2

They went through the portal and appeared in a world of endermen(witch looked small).

The enderdragon was right in front of them and made a bridge for them to cross through.

As they got on, endermen were about to attack and also the enderdragon. It used attacks that did 5½ points of damage and almost everyone had a almost died but there heath regenerated and so was the enderdragon’s! Grumpy was trying to figure out how the enderdragon’s heath was regenerating back. Endermen were everywhere and Grumpy decided to build a wither and he had to do it quick before the enderdragon came. Grumpy built the wither and he mad it one there side(Grumpy’s side.)

The wither had 3 heads, a rib cage in the middle, and a skeleton tail on the bottom. The wither took out all the endercrystals and the enderdragon had lost half it’s health. The enderdragon got very angry and got very serious. It went after Grumpy and the enderdragon got stopped by a wither and it was getting withered witch lost ½ it’s health. The enderdragon almost decided to surrender but it kept on fighting and fighting. The wither was called back and the enderdragon attacked Grumpy again but he blocked the attack with the wither and killed the wither. If the wither was destroyed, you would get weakened(not in the real Minecraft).

The enderdragon got very weak and had only had an eighth of his health left. All the endermen were dead and what was there now was Grumpy and his soldiers. The enderdragon never gave up and he kept on fighting but that just weakened him more. So the enderdragon just surrendered and allied with them. Grumpy was sent home and so was his men.

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