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Grumpy The Cat vs. Grumpy The Wither

Grumpy The Cat vs. Grumpy The Wither


Grumpy The Cat then continued his adventure to the core of the galaxy, The Nether, were Grumpy The Wither lies undefeated from his enemies. He first had to find diamond and mine obsidian to make an obsidian portal to get to The Nether. Diamond is really hard to find, so he went to a cave were he once saw 400 diamond ore. He then needed an iron pickaxe and found wood. He started to mine it and he found himself mining 3 diamond. He then made a diamond pickaxe and mined 14 obsidian.

The portal took an hour to build by the world’s best blacksmith. It was exactly working were about ready. They went through the portal and found him in The Nether. They say Grumpy The Wither is in the biggest nether fortress. So they started searching.

It took them 48 hours to find it. It was surrounded by ghasts, zombie pigmen, blazes, and wither skeletons. The fortress was as big as 50 miles with a maze that took 3 years to get through. There were traps almost everywhere. No one has ever gotten through the maze except the wither.

They found the entrance and climbed up it. Grumpy The Cat found lots of blaze and wither skeletons roaming across the fortress. Nothing yet until they found a teleporter and went to the boss of the galaxy. He decided to battle The Wither in a fighting competition. It was about time for a war!

His power was very powerful witch he could destroy a whole solar system. He was able to kill the ender dragon with his power and took over the end. Grumpy The Cat found every single guard known as ghasts, zombie pigmen, blaze, and wither skeletons. They started attacking them and they were out numbered by the wither’s forces. So they teleported to to the entrance and found it was almost closed.

So they had to fight there way out. The wither was going crazy and he manifested every guard! No one had a chance to go up to him and stab him wither the galaxies deadliest weapon. It had 30 enchantments on it witch could kill the wither in 1 blow! They got together and the fortress was starting to collapse!

It was near the end of the wither but much more stronger than everyone in the galaxy! He blew away even the ender dragon when he was fighting him. No one never found his fortress. The nether city would fall if the wither was killed. Grumpy The Cat found out that he was about to kill the wither.

Grumpy The Cat then realized that Grumpy The Wither was part ender! He new that his mother was a ender dragon and father a wither. Surprisingly, He was about to took out his sword and was ready to ill one of his worst enemies. It never worked to kill him! He had a special force field on him so he took his other sword that could brake through 60 barriers in one hit could destroy his force field.

It was about time to get out a sword that could destroy a whole galaxy arm that is as big as a galactic galaxy. 1,000,000,000 ly. As soon as he got his sword out he ran up and sliced his arm off! He then died and made a massive explosion that destroyed his whole fortress. He then went back to Earth a he then was with 500 XP. He next had to kill his second worst enemy, The new Ender Dragon!


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