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Grumpy The Cat vs. Grumpy The Dog

Grumpy The Cat vs. Grumpy The Dog

After Grumpy The Cat defeated Grumpy The Creeper in a cooking throw down, it was time to face a dog king, Grumpy The Dog. Grumpy The Cat met him and Grumpy The Dog was very mean ,so he then became ruler of the entire world. Grumpy The Cat decided to defeat him in a food eating trow down! He got to his palace and decided that Grumpy The Dog should eat for 5 hr. He excepted the request and they had lots of food. Who ever one would get crowned the ruler of food and the world by Garfield!
They got started and first came 10 turkeys. Grumpy The Cat was loving this and he ate 6 turkey in less than 10 min. Grumpy The Dog was getting mad so he got Then 50 steak, 40 lasagnas, 20 turkeys, and 100 bananas! They had a total of 21 0 food to eat. Grumpy The Cat was able to eat half of that in just an hour! The food was just almost gone and it had been an hour and a ½!
They put now 100 steak, 80 lasagnas, 40 turkeys, and 200 bananas! Grumpy The Cat ate a total of 420 and Grumpy The Dog 0! Garfield came in and got crowned king of food and the world! He was the best in the world but that could not do what could stop his grumpiness! So he when to Grumpy The Wither, the supreme lord of the galaxy!

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