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Grumpy The Cat Vs. Grumpy The Creeper

Grumpy The Cat Vs. Grumpy The Creeper
There was a creeper that met a cat that was grumpy as he was. They greeted each other and Grumpy The Creeper ran. Grumpy The Cat was a male so he chased after him. When they saw each other again, they decided to have cooking throw down.
Grumpy The Creeper wanted to make his mom’s favorite treat, gunpowder fudge witch he could not make good. Grumpy The Cat decided to make a human cake that everyone would love, chocolate strawberry cake. They started to make everyone get the items they needed. Grumpy The Creeper forgot a item, gunpowder. They had only an our to make what they were making. Grumpy The Cat forgot nothing.
They got work on making and Grumpy The Creeper asked if Grumpy The Creeper had gunpowder. He answered back, Nope! He got more grumpier and he decided to make fake gunpowder. He made it and got to work. Only half an our left before it was time.
Grumpy The Cat was just putting his 18in. Cake in the oven. It only took 20 min. So he looked to see how good Grumpy the creeper was doing. Very bad so he made sloppy gunpowder fudge pudding. He was not happy so then time was up. Time to present to the judges.
First was Grumpy The Creeper. He presented it and the judges reaction to it was ;-p. He was not happy at all. They tasted it was bad and there reaction was x-p. Then came Grumpy The Cat.
They loved how the cake looked and reaction was :-D. They tasted it and it tasted and reaction was :-q. Grumpy The Cat was very happy. They gobbled the whole thing down and started to decide who won. They said it was Grumpy The Cat

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