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Creeper Test Questions

Creeper Test Questions

Directions: Read the question and answer
1. Can a creeper see through windows?
2. Do creepers TNT as stomachs?
3. Can creepers go up on you and go HIIIIIIISSSSS……BOOM?
4. Can creeper get charged?
5. Do creepers know anything except creepers?
6. Are creepers stupid enough to open doors?
7. Have you seen a creeper?
8. How tall are creepers?
9. Do creepers have brain?
Directions:Fill in the blanks
10. Creeper are the _____ explosive in the game.
11. Creepers have __________ ____ in the game when seen.
12. Creepers will drop ____ ___ when killed by skeletons.
13. Creeper can drop __________ when killed.

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