By justice


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BY: Justice A. Darby
There was once a village that had roads going to other villages. They had pet dogs to protect them and houses for them to live in. Then years later, creepers blew up the roads! No one had a way to get to other villages. One day, someone found another village and got lost. The villagers had to figure out how to trap the creepers. So they made a whole and trapped only a few creepers. Then they figured out why they got so little creepers. They made an even bigger whole and got at least 15 creepers in. They made it bigger and got double the amount of creepers in. Then the whole got filled with creepers . They started to invade a village and take it over. They started to get to the treasure and take it over. They got the treasure and found TNT! Soon people found out that creepers were afraid of cats. They got cats and the creepers ran away. The End