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Creeper Experiment



Will a creeper explode if someone falls on top of it?


Creepers will explode near enemies. Water is important to because creeper will explode and explode the whole dirt pen, but in water, the creeper doesn’t explode the pen.


If you jump on a creeper, then it will explode.


  1. 5 creepers

  2. player

  3. 1 block jump off 10 blocks high

  4. 4×4×2 creeper pen(with water in it)

  5. default world

  6. ocean or lake


                    1. Make a default world

                    2. Open to lan

                    3. Enable cheats

                    4. Make a 4×4×2 creeper pen.

                    5. Make a 1×10 dirt tower.

                    6. Put water in the pen.

                    7. Put 5 creepers in the pen.

                    8. Jump off the top.

                    9. Stay there ’till creepers explode.

Independent Variables

Jump off the top.

Dependent Variables

Exploding Creepers


Creeper pen

Tower size

Water in the pen


I was right because I jumped off a10 block high tower of dirt into the creepers and they blew-up!

Pictures(My mom took them, not me!)

creeper tower

(Caption: Me on the dirt tower)


(Caption: The creeper pen)


(Caption: Me getting exploded by creepers)

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