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Chapter Two BLOW UP TIME!

Chapter Two


The cats have finally made there plan to blow up the creepers fortress by using TNT and pressure plates. The ninja cats are going to sneak into the creepers fortress and blow it up. They are going to sneak in at night and come back to the cats fortress the next morning.

Next, they are going to escape to the other village to see if they can get another fortress. Creepers will be crawling all over there blown up fortress and try to rebuild it out of netherrack. The cats have now a more advanced tech. than the creepers now. They have made a wall of TNT everywhere. The cats are now advancing there army to get rid of the creepers.


The cats have now done it what they can do. They put down there TNT and pressure plates and are getting ready for action. They got out of the creepers fortress just in time for them to get blown up. The creepers came back and stepped on a pressure plate and………..BBBBOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! leaving a big massive crater in the village. There plan had worked.


The cats were yelling for victory for blowing up the creepers fortress. The cats were so happy they put up a party for the whole night! The creepers got so mad that they decided to see if they could blow up their wall.




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