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Chapter One

Chapter One

We finally have gotten out of jail and we are about to go to the outside world. They let use go shopping at the market to get some food to survive for a month. We finally go to the market to get some food.Then Cee Cee got us 2 goats with a cart to go with us. It carried food, supplies, weapons , and beer.

A store keeper comes by. He said “ Do you want some food?”

I said “No!” I had no money, and after an argument, we left.

We got to go to the mine and asked a miner to see if he knows the way to the cave. He said “yes”. We got to the cave and started hike up the mine with a goat cart.

We got to a spot were we heard a weird noise coming from the other side of the cave. We looked around, it looked like there was nothing there. Finally, we were attacked by kobolds! We got ready for combat. We drew our weapons out and attacked.