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Cats VS Creepers

Chapter One


It was a nice day were everyone in Minecraftville had peaceful days but not the creepers and cats. Creepers kept saying that creepers aren’t afraid of cats. They said that cats are afraid of creepers. Most cats were female. They say that cats have a more better level than creepers.

Creepers are better than cats .Ya” said the creepers.

Well cats can scare off creepers you wine pants.” said the cats.

The creepers said, “Bring the me the strongest creeper!”

Well us cats aren’t afraid of creepers.”said the cats

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” as the creeper runs off.

RRRRR!!” growled the boss creeper.

Lets go!” said the boss creeper. The war with creepers and cats had begun!

Creepers got there TNT ready and the cats loaded there guns and got ready for action. The creepers went south to the church while the cats were spying in east at the blacksmiths. The creepers set off fire to the TNT and the cats were lucky to get past the exploding TNT.

Next, the cats snuck into there castle and took there diamond sword. As the creepers got back, they found nothing in the chest. The cats fortress was south west of the creepers fortress. All the lord cats came to a meeting to settle the problem with the creepers. The ninja cats were the first cats in cat history to get into the creepers fortress.

The creepers fortress was inside the Village. The cats fortress is located out of the Village. The cats fortress was 4 times wider than the creepers fortress. The cats finally came up with a plan. They would make hidden TNT under the creepers fortress. Next, they would make hidden pressure plates on the floor. Then when a creeper walked over it it would explode. Last, the cats would be cheering because they won the war!




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  1. Dad
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    June 2, 2012 | 6:42 am

    Awesome sauce!

    I really like how the cats have made their plan but that is where the story ends. That is a great example of a “cliff Hanger” and it makes the reader want to know what comes next.
    You have really improved since I last tuned in, keep up the good work, man!

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