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Kepler Planet

Justice Aurelius Darby

Kepler Planet

An elliptical orbit is an orbit that is oval like orbit. Kepler’s 1st law states that orbiting planets go in an elliptical path around the central huge body. The central huge body must be located at a focus or foci. As the planet area has to be equal gets closer to the central huge body, it travels faster. The 2nd law states struck down in equal interview of time. The 3rd law states that smaller objects orbit around larger bodies.

Why do planets have elliptical orbits?

I think why planets have elliptical orbits are orbits that have one point were the planet is orbiting then it gets sucked in and last, it gets released.

5″ Piece string
small ball
wood glue

1. Get get some wood glue and and glue string to top of dowel.
2. Get the string and glue sting to the ball.
3. Wait 8-12 hours to dry.
4. After that, spin it around until it looks like you see an oval.

Independent Variable:
Size of string (with your thumb and index fingers in the middle)

Dependent Variable:

Size of ball
Weight of ball

The closer the ball got, the faster the ball went.

My hypothesis was right, the ball got, the faster it went. I put the ball at the same pace as the other rounds.

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What is an orbit?
An orbit is that a planet is trying to spin out of from its orbit from its center witch is trying to to pull away. The planet is trying to go in a straight line. The gravity is pulling the planet in. the spinning of the planet gets pulled around. The star is growing its momentum pushing the planet off from the star.

Why are orbits elliptical?
It is an uneven egg shape orbit.

Why are elliptical orbits uneven?
Referred to “What is an orbit?”