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Book 2 Finding a NPC Village Chapter One

Book 2
Finding a NPC Village
Chapter One
“ The cats have finally defeated the creepers and are now hopefully going to find an NPC Village in the grasslands.”
“ DAM! How are we ever going to find a NPC Village! IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!”
“ Calm down. I know it seems impossible to find an NPC Village but I know we will find one.
The cats didn’t find an NPC Village so they the searched the desert in search for one. The cats were trying not to run into the cactus and not get injured. Then, they saw something that looked like a well. But instead they ran into a desert well instead of a village.
So they kept searching and then they find a jungle. So they went in it and then one of the cats sited that looked like a blacksmiths. They got closer and they found what they wanted. An NPC Village. Everyone was happy went into it.

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