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Bleach 2(A Summery of the Bleach episodes)

Bleach 2(A Summery of the Bleach episodes)

As Ichigo was at school, he saw Rukia and Ichigo freaked out. They sat down, there the teacher was standing and the teacher started to talk. After school, he went home and then he decided to go to Orhime’s house. He saw them eating then the next minute, a hollow appeared. Ichigo then got into a soul reaper and started to attack it. Its hollow mask was then cut into ¼.
Then the hollow was gone and saw Orhime with a chain on her. She had turned into a soul. Then the hollow appeared with a whole hollow mask and attacked. Then the mask was gone off the hollow. It was her brother that died. So then he stabbed him and died as a hollow. So then everything was fine and it was back to normal for now.

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