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Bleach 1(A Summery of the Bleach episodes)

Bleach 1(A Summery of the Bleach episodes)

A soul reaper appeared as a Hell Butterfly came out first. The soul reaper was named Rukia. Now what the real story begins with Ichigo going to school and finds a part of the road off limits. As he was coming home from school, he saw a monster with a hole in its chest and had a weird mask.
Then the soul reaper Rukia killed the Hollow and disappeared. He never knew who she was. As he got home, he received a punch in the face and his dad told him he came home late. He went into his room and then he saw her for the second time looking for a hollow coming to his house to kill him.
He saw her and he got a little frightened. So instead, he waked her on the head and was wondering why he could see her. So then he rapped him up in a invisible rope that nothing could get out of. He luckily broke it then saw another hollow. He tried to attack it but that didn’t work. So the hollow instead attacked him and bit Rukia.
So then he became soul reaper and killed it.

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