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MineCraft is for YOU!!

If you like building, being creative, like blocks, make machinery, and explore then Minecraft is perfect for you. You get infinite freedom in Creative Mode, have to survive and not die once for Hardcore Mode. Survive, build, and die by creeper explosions is Survival Mode. You can even mine to make armor except for emerald which is for trading with villagers. Diamond is hard to find and is used to make the best armor, tools and weapons in the game. You can enchant too by using a enchantment table.



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Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. III To Temple “Grell”



Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. III
To Temple “Grell”

You make it to the Temple Steppes and a portal opens up. You go to the Enclave to buy some heath potions and they were about $100 per potion and you had $1,000. You bought 10 potions and went back though the portal. You ended up back at the Temple Steppes. As you adventured on, a champion ratling attacked you. You dodge his fierce attacks and hit him and get a crazy wand called World Spike.

After you killed the champion ratlin, you leveled up to level 6. More ratlins kept attacking you after you finished leveling up. A Warmaker appeared and attacked with his deadly club and you dodged the attacks. His second attacked hit you and you healed yourself with a health potion witch you back at full health in a few seconds. You found another warmaker appeared and you were doing critical that killed him in 3 hits.

Monster after monster, you went from level 6 to 7 then 7 to 8 then eight to 9. You had gotten some cool items and you went to a fishing bout and lit the lantern. A ghost appeared with a quest. He wanted you to defeat One-Eyed Willy. You except his quest and go to Plunder Cove. There you were getting attacked by monsters and champions were then you got One-Eyed Willy’s Other Eye. You put it in your weapon and get gained it’s power. You ten found the boss, One-Eyed Willy. You killed him and got some awesome treasure. You went back to the ghost and got you reward. You then start to march to Temple “Grell” and got there and went down the steps into the temple.



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Grumpy the Cat vs. The Enderdragon Part 2


Grumpy the Cat


The Enderdragon

Part 2

They went through the portal and appeared in a world of endermen(witch looked small).

The enderdragon was right in front of them and made a bridge for them to cross through.

As they got on, endermen were about to attack and also the enderdragon. It used attacks that did 5½ points of damage and almost everyone had a almost died but there heath regenerated and so was the enderdragon’s! Grumpy was trying to figure out how the enderdragon’s heath was regenerating back. Endermen were everywhere and Grumpy decided to build a wither and he had to do it quick before the enderdragon came. Grumpy built the wither and he mad it one there side(Grumpy’s side.)

The wither had 3 heads, a rib cage in the middle, and a skeleton tail on the bottom. The wither took out all the endercrystals and the enderdragon had lost half it’s health. The enderdragon got very angry and got very serious. It went after Grumpy and the enderdragon got stopped by a wither and it was getting withered witch lost ½ it’s health. The enderdragon almost decided to surrender but it kept on fighting and fighting. The wither was called back and the enderdragon attacked Grumpy again but he blocked the attack with the wither and killed the wither. If the wither was destroyed, you would get weakened(not in the real Minecraft).

The enderdragon got very weak and had only had an eighth of his health left. All the endermen were dead and what was there now was Grumpy and his soldiers. The enderdragon never gave up and he kept on fighting but that just weakened him more. So the enderdragon just surrendered and allied with them. Grumpy was sent home and so was his men.



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Grumpy the Cat vs The Enderdragon pt.1

Grumpy the Cat
The Enderdragon pt.1

Grumpy made it out of the portal in one piece while an enderdragon came to gave grumpy a quest. The quest was to get to the end portal in week. They say in order to get ther, you need eyes of ender to get to an underground stronghold and you had to make the eyes witch was to use blaze powder and ender pearls. They had plenty of blaze rods some crushed up some blaze rods. They never were able to catch endermen with a bow and arrow because of it’s teleportation so they came up with a plan to catch the endermen and kill them.
How Grumpy would catch the endermen is make a water prison and trap the endermen from teleporting out. So they would put in a pirson with a sword and kill the endermen.. 30 hours later, the come back with 50 ender pearls. They had more blaze powder than ender pearls so Grumpy crafted some eyes of ender and left it high in the air and it went south. Grumpy then led and army of soldiers to the stronghold.
When Grumpy got there, the found this huge entrance of crumbled stone and went inside. The stronghold looked very ancient and had prisons with skeletons in them.
“This stronghold was once a mighty kingdom until the enderdragon came through and built this realm of darkness where endermen and the enderdragon lived only,” said Grumpy.
The place was like a maze but they found treasure beyond your imagination. They had about 20 eyes left so Grumpy lifted one up and it was going towards the portal. It had been 6 days since Grumpy left.
“Silverfi…gah! said one of the soldeirs out uncontentious.
“What whould silverfi mean?” said one of the soldier 1.
“I don’t know,”said soldier number 2.
“I think it means SILVERFISH!” said soldier number 1,2, and 3.
“That means were getting close to the portal,” said grumpy.
“What does that mean Grumpy?” said soldier number 3
“We are in the room!” said grumpy.
The saw a pool of lava and some eye sockets. Grumpy placed them down and a portal appeared.

End of pt. 1



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Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom


Note: I do not own any of this. I am just recounting the events of the game Torchlight II.

You have been traveling with some guards to reach the enclave and ketch-up and destroy the Alchemist! What he wants to do is get the power of all the guardians. The Guardian of Water, Forest, Air and Mana. The Guardian of Mana is the most powerful guardian and wants to get all of there power to destroy all the ember in the world.

You decide to carry on without the crew and reach the Enclave and he also warned you that there were lots of rattlings in the aria to the Enclave. You say good-bye and head out to see the Grand Regent. There were lots of rattling like said and also some urns to that had treasure and you come across a champion monster holding a golden key. He was pretty tough for a monster to you but there were more dangerous ones.

You find a locked golden chest You decide to unlock it and find armor and put it on. Along with that was some gold the gleamed like a star and found weapons. You continued on and found a bridge that had bear like monsters in it you decide to attack and gained a level and got new powers. You then continued on and found the Enclave and returned in a quest from the Destroyer and got a new quest to rescue Commander Vale to see the Guardian of Water.

Torchlight II: The Story of Freedom PT. II

To the Temple Steppes

You except his quest to go rescue Commander Vale and the Guardian of Water. He to you she was in the Temple Steppes. You decided to by some potions before going and you the marched off to The Path of The Honored Dead. The path was crawling with skeletons and zombies. With a few swings, you kill a skeleton a zombie and you adventured on to the the Temple Steppes. You then found some essence to put the undead back to sleep. You kept going through skeletons and zombies until you found a quest. You ask, “what is the problem. She replies crying, “I need to get this scroll but no Atherians will help though will help me got through this haunted crypt. It is completely filled with undead monster and I do not want to go I there!” You except her quest and go through haunted crypt for a ancient scroll. The undead had completely filled the crypt up.

 Piece by piece, you emptied the crypt and found a staircase. You go down it and there it was! The scroll, you go up to it but then a boss came up and slammed you down with his sword and you were able to dodge the attack the you suddenly hit him and he turned to bones. You get the scroll and open a chest full of treasure! Yo had kill you first boss and got the scroll and delivered it to her. You chose your reward and went to the Temple Steppes.