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Trip to the moon ch 6

Time to go
They got to the crater and blew up 1 last time. BBBOOOMMM! Look is that an alien? Ya. AHHHH! Run! ZOOMM! When can we go home? As soon as we kill this alien. RAWAH! What is it trying to say? Who knows and lets get out of here. POW! POW! Boom! Boom! Lets get out to get are guns. Quick! POW! POW! Laser guns, fire. BIIZZU! BIIZZU! BBBOOOMMM!

Lets get out of here before they kill us. O.K.! In the rocket! In the rocket. FFFFFFFF!!!! AHHHHH! YOWCHH! CANNON, FIRE! PPPPOOWW! Boom! We got them down. YAAHHOO! Lets go home all right. Ya I guess so. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0! They are home! YAAAAY! Were home at last!

So they were happy to be home they got all there things they collected and took off there space suit to go home and gave them a metal that they did to beat the record of being at the moon! The End