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A creeper’s journey

A creeper’s journey
There once lived a creeper who spawned in a village and he didn’t have home. Next he breaks a block of sand and he went right to the surface He accidentally blew himself up and he spawned at the village. He was not happy at all. So he decided to check a blacksmith and found a portal.
He went through he ended up in some forest. It was the biggest of all forests. It was called the Twilight Forest. He had made himself a magic map and found a lech, a twilight lech. Got his armor, and he was happy. So he decided to go home.

 But he couldn’t go back home. He was stuck in the forest for the of his life. He decided to make a home he could stay in. It took him about a day to build his house and he decided to find another boss.

All he could find was lech towers. So he decided to do was build a wither and watch. The wither decided to run off and explode the tower off and the creeper left and built the portal home.

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