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A book Report on Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titans Curse

A Book Report on Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Titans Curse


Name: Justice


Title: The Titans Curse


Author: Rick Riodan


Circle One: Fiction


Setting:( Where does the story take place?)

The story takes place at a place with no rain and they are trying to get Annabeth back from Hades.



Names: Percy Jackson, Grover, Annabeth, and Thila.


Describe the main character. What kind of person is he or she?

He is a demi-god, he has a shield that is powered by a wrist watch and sword that is named Riptide and, he is a teenager.


The story begins with Percy Jackson picks up his friends Annabeth, Grover, and Thila.


The events in the story are: (Includes Details)

  1. They are about to capture a flag on Percy’s team but one person said Thila’s team had won.
  2. Grover is looking at instant at the “Cheez Whiz”.
  3. I like it when someone on Percy’s team call a pill that was named after Zeus the Poop Pill.
  4. I like it when Percy is battling Zoë in chapters 3-4
  5. The General was getting a nervous because he saw little kittens but are savor-toothed baby tigers.
  6. They were fighting Leo the lion and what was funny is that it said that they had chopped it into Meow Mix.
  7. I like it when they visited the junkyard of the Gods and they had there weapons and Ares snapped his finger and all there weapons went behind Ares.


The story ends with Percy gets a new enemy called Nico.


I learned that that if this were real, NEVER GROW ZOMBIES!


I relay liked it when Percy learns to grow zombies at Camp Half-Blood.


I didn’t like it when they were looking for two people they thought were “demi-gods” but were hunters.


I wonder if there is going to be a movie of the Titans Curse.


I would recommend this book because I read the first book and it sounded good, so now I try the 3rd book, I REALY LIKED IT!