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Chapters 15, 16, 17, 18

Chapter 15
They got in to find more clues and the door slammed on them again . So they so they let the three clay balls roll down the steps and one of them had one thump so Earth light came so they saw Jason say the pit is not big so they see more and kept leaping and leaping and they and they end up in this stone room there was now way out way so they looked on the floor walls and ceiling.One of them said were in a upside down boat then an other one said “ Fisher man used to a boat to go fishing and his boat and him use to hug each other upside down to dry them selves off every time they went fishing in the place with water” so they put up there candles and some one on the wall felled something move so they hear it again so they healed on tight and the boat tipped over so they could not find a way out.

Chapter 16
They got out and a person was standing there so to go to Nestor and they got a person so they were happy and they got away.

Chapter 17
They get back in the house and Jason saw a chute so he got a dict. And slides down the chute and they heard it splash in water so they went down it did not now were it went so they find a hole and Julia gos down it and sees the dict. Julia was happy.

Chapter 19
They appeared out of the chute and they got on the ship and they find the name of the ship so the fingered it out and it was Zeus’s 1st wife so they got in the ship and they try to find a way out but they could not so they got into the stateroom and saw the U.S A. and they got out of the stateroom.