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CHAPTERS 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14

They got to Kilmore cove and went into a cabin and talk to a person and after that they got home so they can have some fun for a little while. After that they had to find the door to time

Chapter 10
Jason, Julia, and Rick came out of the cabin and a rain storm came so Julia got a big bike and road around Kilmore cove and Rick and Jason were just talking to each other
’til Julia came back then after that the storm started to stop so Rick, Jason, and Julia got back.

Chapter 11
They reached back to the house and rick closed the book and they got outside the house and saw a face in the window they got back inside it was Ulysses Moore. They that he was dead.

Chapter 12
Rick and Julia were looking for Jason. He was in the stone room. Jason saw a ghost so he was fieriest so they find a door with 5 locks. They had to do a riddle. So Julia had 5 keys and they tried time he put it on and said N-O-P-E he cried. It did not work so he tried another word and this time it worked. It was open and he turd it counter clock wise and the door clicked and pushed it open and there was a ghost sitting around.

Chapter 13
They got out of the room and he went to find more riddles and they find a riddle with moths and they had to figger out the riddle they and they get dic.out so he can trans late the code and they tried and it did not work so the went to find how the door that has other stuff in it and they looked around the house and they looked every ware and went outside back to the beginning

Chapter 14
They got back to the end and this time they got it right and next they find a stair way and they went down it and they got deeper into the ground and they hit stone steps and they got deeper and they find pit that is a black one and they got in and only Rick went in and got starvation and got very hungry so rick got out and the door slammed on them. So Julia said “WHERE TRAPPED!” So they got up the stairs and they pushed the door and they got outside and all of them went outside and they went to find an other code in the house