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Life as first child

 By: Justice A. Darby

 Setting: The White House

 Authors Purpose: Entertain

 Realistic Fiction

 Location: Washington D.C.

 Life as first child was awesome, fun, and a little bit boring. Sometimes we would have nothing to do. We would go bowling ,and often my mom would win. We got to stay up late until 3:00 a.m. I hated that we had to often stay on the property. So here is for paragraphs about my life as the first child.

¬†We started to move in and we flew over Canada to Washington D.C. It took us forever to get there. When we got there, we got my mom’s car and she drove it to the front of the driveway. We got to start our first day and we had security guards crawling everywhere. You could see them on every corner. Some work even day and night. I finally discovered the bowling ally. The had not even started the first game and I joined in. I got first place¬†while¬†4 kids got¬†angry. One kept on getting 1 bowling pin and kept on missing. The other was the same but his was missing lots of bowling pins. The¬†machine¬†that gives you bowling balls¬†were¬†going crazy. You could see bowling balls come out every second. The other one was wanting to kill herself because the bowling ball was bouncing and it hit a rock and¬†soared into 4th place bowling ally. She was so mad that she that it felt like her hair was on fire.

 We soon found a $100,000,000,000,000,000 in the attic. We were the richest people in the world! We then used it to save a whole entire country with people who were poor and homeless. soon we then found $100,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the basement. Then we used it for the future.

¬†We sighed a law that said that everyone will no longer have weapons. Now we could have more freedom I The United States of¬†America. If you had a weapon, you would get¬†arrested or a warning shot. The police were only allowed to have weapons at all times. Congress tried to agree to¬†have the¬†women’s right to vote. No one ever made that mistake again.

¬†It was our last year and we had a vote on if it was Mitt Romney or my mom. Mitt Romney got over 169 votes while my mom got 170 votes! Mitt Romney was on vote away and was off by a nose! So we stayed there for another 4 yr. ,and I was happy. We didn’t like Mitt Romney!

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