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The long lost map

Chapter Four
They met this girl right at the wall and a hole bunch of pots fell off the rack. Rick got her off the wall so the saved her life and they wanted to owe them something but they but they did not want to owe them something so they talked to her. They went to her house and saw a whole lot of visoters in the house and got out. They ran to the ship to go talk a little bit .Then they got to bed.

Chapter Five
The next day they went to the girls house. She interdosted them to two children. Showed them around the house after that they went to the hall of waters . She saw someone she reconized and itb was her dad so they got back to the boat to see if nestr wanted to come. He said no and they went on there on.

Chapter Six
The got to Eygipt and they led them to the house of life.They met a hole lot of men working hard and the told them some rules and the got out they deskust were to go first. After that They went home. So Rick and Jason started talking. So they had made there desitons. So they finaly new were they could
Chapter Seven
They got done talking. So they are getting to the pirimids so they can get to the map to find it. They did find the tunel. They asked them a lot of questions but they got out of here. Tey got to the ship and got out of Eygipt.

Chapter Eight
They got to the door to time and saw nestor and told them about the first peaple to live here. Nestor told them how Misses Morre died. She died from falling off a cliff. They got on the ship and sailed away to Eygipt. As they were getting to Eygipt theb waved and said good by