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The Long Lost Map

Chapter 24
Jason closed the dict. got off the ship and Jason was going to the small city to look for the long lost map to start there second adventure to find the long lost map at the the city and started to look for it. They started to get there they tock a break. After that they finished runing there.

Book 2
The Long Lost Map
Chapter One
A storm came in and struck a tree with lightning as they sailed away to Eygipt they had got to it to find the long lost map. It took them 7 days to get there so they got started to look for it and after 7 days they they start walking twords the city to find it . Then they started finding the entrence.

Chapter Two
Rick Jason Julia heared a tap on the wall so they turnd the corner and got in. They got in and Julia tripped on a rug so they got Julia up and head tword the house of Oblivia. They knocked on Oblivia’s door and let them in

Chapter Three
They got to the house Oblivia so they got talk to her and they got a little mad and click went the door and out they went.They got out so mad that they run to the boat and went to a room on the ship .Suddently it started to fade away.